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Limited to 4 people per day

from 10:30am to 4:00pm

「Blissful treatment」

【Human stem cell culture liquid Therapy】

Massage treatment using human stem cell culture liquid made in Japan.

It improves the condition of the body, brings out the natural beauty of the skin, and makes the skin smooth and firm.

It is a wonderful treatment that will rejuvenate your beauty as well as the fatigue of

skiing and snowboarding.



☆60min     15000yen

   60min+Stem cell serum 30ml 19500yen         

☆90min     18000yen  

   90min+Stem cell serum 30ml     22500yen

☆120min   21000yen

   120min+Stem cell serum 30ml    25500yen


☆60min     13000yen 

   60min+Stem cell serum 30ml 17500yen            

☆90min     16000yen

   90min+Stem cell serum 30ml     20500yen

☆120min   19000yen

   120min+Stem cell serum 30ml     23500yen

【Flow of treatment】

First, apply human stem cell culture solution, then treat the whole body with homemade beeswax from Japanese bees and hormesis cream.

For those who wish to use human stem cell culture fluid for all processes, +4000 yen ~ Please contact our staff.


-Human stem cell Facial-      40min 8000yen

Anti-aging facial with doctor cosmetics high contains of acetylglucosamine and human stem cell culture solution for supple skin.

【Human stem cell serum】


Nano platinum human stem cell extract.

It prepares the texture of the skin and gives it a firm luster.


Marine ingredients

Contains carrageenan as a thickening agent.
Moisturizes the skin and prevents dryness.


Naturally cultivated herb ingredients from Nagano Prefecture

Herb extract ingredients cultivated in herb fields on the plateau. Careful cultivation from soil preparation over many years.

* Main work of Hormesis cream*

☆Increase antioxidant enzymes by removing active oxygen.

☆Cell activation☆ Activity of hormones

☆The basic body temperature rises .Ionize blood / lymph fluid, promote immunity and basal metabolism and body enzymes.

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