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Yukoudou Hakuba



 Works for you to clear stiffness, stress out from body and mind, leads you to heavenly condition in our original way.
Talking gently to your body with fingers and hands to catch muscle stiffness to give heavenly pressure, then slowly releasing it into the air.
It presents warm dreamy relaxation time of conditioning muscles and nervous system to improve natural healing process in your body. It is an absolute relaxation you have ever experienced.

【Heavenly Therapy】

 Traditional Japanese massage performed in the perfect manner will remove stiffness and stress from your body,


60min/8000yen   80min/10000yen 100min/12000yen 


【Hormesis Therapy】

60min/13000yen   90min/16000yen 120min/19000yen 


《Using organic beeswax + Hormesis cream》

* Main work of Hormesis cream*

☆ Increase antioxidant enzymes by removing active oxygen.

☆ Cell activation

☆ Activity of hormones

☆ The basic body temperature rises.

Ionize blood / lymph fluid, promote immunity and basal metabolism and body enzymes.


《Organic beeswax cream》

Handmade locally here in HAKUBA


Open 2:00pm~9:30pm

*Holiday Irregular*

Please contact us in the morning

Appointment 090-6027-3014

Massage at your accommodation+3000~depending on distance


①Coming over or visiting service?

②How many people?

③What time and day

 ④Chose the course


⑥Where you stay?

We are not good at English, Can you speak slowly and clearly.

Please make a reservation by phone as you cannot check your e-mail during the treatment.

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